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Reasons Why You Need a Dog Waste Removal Service
February 28, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Reasons Why You Need a Dog Waste Removal Service

As uplifting as the company of our furry friends can be, having them around creates new responsibilities for us. Apart from feeding, grooming, and going out on walks, having a dog also means you need to find a way to regularly deal with its poop.

While this is something we do expertly here at Dog Butler, we realize it’s not something everyone has an easy time with. Some struggle to constantly pick up after their dogs, while others avoid doing so altogether.

Read on to find out what happens when you don’t get rid of your dog’s poop, and why a dog waste removal service is the right solution.

Dog poop is unpleasant

The main reason why you don’t want your dog’s waste to stick around in your yard is probably because of the smell. Dog poop has a strong, repulsive odor that can even discourage you from spending time in certain areas of your property.

That could also be a reason why you don’t want to get into the messy and unpleasant business of removing itself. And if the smell reaches the neighbors, they’ll understandably want to take it up with you.

Also, you might find that despite your warm hospitality, friends and visitors are less inclined to pay you a visit or spend time at your home.

While some dogs choose certain spots for doing their business, others aren’t as picky. So, trying to find it all and remove it to let your yard keep its charm can end up taking a lot of time.

Plainly, dog poop is unpleasant, both for you and other people who may wish to visit you. A dog waste removal service gets it all off your yard, restoring its appeal.

It ruins your lawn

If you’ve invested in beautiful landscaping, the absence of dog waste also ensures that the time and effort you’ve put into your yard truly shines through. In addition to the aesthetic consequences, your dog’s poop is also doing more serious harm to your lawn.

And that’s in contrast to the popular misconception that dog waste is an effective lawn fertilizer. It’s true that the waste of other animals makes good fertilizer, but that’s certainly not the case for dog waste. On the contrary, it has severely damaging effects.

Dog poop is acidic, which grass generally doesn’t respond well to. As a result, you’ll start noticing dead spots in the areas of your lawn where your dog’s waste has been left standing.

It spreads and leaves dangerous contaminants

While your dog’s poop might be in one spot today, the next it can be in entirely different places. One of the main causes of that is rain, which washes some of the poop away but also leaves it spread out.

This means you start seeing the disadvantages we’ve gone over, including odor and harm to your lawn, all across your yard.

And even after you’ve eventually removed it, there’s residue that lingers in the form of bacteria. Examples include hookworms, parvovirus, E.coli, and salmonella. These contaminants stay in the soil for a long time, putting you, your family, and visitors at risk of catching illnesses. If you have other pets, they’re also at risk.

The most commonly affected people are children who play around in the yard and gardeners.

Take the stress out of cleaning up after your pet with a dog waste removal service

Dog Butler gets rid of your dog’s poop so you can enjoy your yard again and restore its safety without having to do any of the dirty stuff yourself. Call us today at (203) 610 5737 or leave a message to get a free quote.