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Why A Dog Cleanup Service Simplifies Your Life
April 5, 2021 at 4:00 AM
This is a photo of a dog cleanup service.

From vet visits, grooming salons, shopping for dog food, and of course, walks, your dog takes up a lot of your time. And that’s not including the wonderful time you spend together playing or just cuddling on the couch. Owning a dog brings joy as well as responsibilities into your life, such as picking up poop. If you have a yard, this turns into a daily or weekly task. If you’re a building manager or landlord with tenants who own dogs, keeping your property from unwanted dog waste is essential to keeping everyone happy. Another reason to use a dog cleanup service is if bending down and picking it up is physically difficult. As you can see, there are many reasons to use pooper scooper services!

Simplify Your Yard Cleanup

You want your yard to look its best and enjoyed by the whole family, including your dog. However, maintaining it by keeping it clean from your dog’s poop is an ongoing chore. Wouldn’t your life be a little simpler if a professional took care of this for you? Of course it would. A professional dog cleanup service will work with you to determine the frequency of their visits and work out a schedule that suits your lifestyle. Imagine coming home to a pristine yard and a happy four-legged companion. Now that’s simplicity.

This service is especially useful for families with small children who love to explore but may not know to avoid dog poop on their own.

For Landlords and Property Managers

When dog poop is not being picked up by its owners, other tenants will complain to the landlord. Prevent tenant friction and keep the property looking its best with a dog cleanup service. Skilled professionals who are skilled at removing unhealthy and unsightly dog poop come to the property on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly visit and ensure the shared spaces of the building are pristine and ready for use. As a building manager or landlord, you can relax knowing that no dog poop is around so you can focus on other responsibilities.

For Those With Limited Mobility

Whether you are a senior with limited mobility or you’re temporarily physically unable to bend down and pick up dog poop in your yard, a dog cleanup service can take care of it for you! You still want to enjoy your dog, but if the physical aspect of cleaning up after it is getting too much, there is help available.

One-Off Dog Cleanup Service

Are you hosting an event or getting your property ready for a sale and potential buyer walk-throughs? Whatever the situation, your yard needs to look perfect – there’s nothing more horrifying than a guest finding a “surprise” left behind by your beloved dog. A one-time dog cleanup service will take care of any unsightly poops on your lawn or in your backyard. And who knows, you may love the service so much you’ll become a regular!

Why Dog Butler?

We love clean yards almost as much as we love dogs! As dog owners ourselves, we understand the difficulties of cleaning up after your dog and we do everything to ensure you and your dog are happy while your green space is spotless.