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What Is a Pet Butler and Why Do You Need One?
January 30, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of two dogs dressed to the nines by a pet butler.

There’s no shortage of benefits to owning a dog—unconditional love, companionship, and an adorable best friend at your side through thick and thin. But nothing is without downsides. If your dog uses your yard to go to the bathroom, the messes can pile up over time. Even if you try to stay on top of tidying up, a stressful week at work or busy social calendar can mean spending extra time in the yard later getting it spic and span.

Poop scooping isn’t how anyone wants to spend their precious free time. That’s where a pet butler can help. When you hire a service to clean your property, they bring a professional level of attention to every inch of your yard or landscape. Instead of worrying about the state of your yard when you have company or send the kids out to play, you can focus on more important things. Keep reading to learn more about pet butlers and what they do.

What is a pet butler?

While the term pet butler makes it seem like you’re hiring a well-dressed individual to tend to your dog’s cravings and whims, the butler is for you. They help with the care of your best friend.

Dog ownership comes with rewarding “chores,” such as going out for daily walks and training. However, some things don’t improve your bond with your dog but are crucial to their health and wellbeing––like poop scooping your yard. That’s where a pet butler comes in to help.

A dog butler service focuses exclusively on cleaning up dog messes in residential yards and across commercial properties. They make pet ownership even more rewarding by eliminating one of the worst aspects.

Pink Wall Full of Dogs

What do pet butlers do for residential yards?

You can schedule regular service to come as often as three times a week or infrequently as once a month. With Dog Butler, we customize everything we do to you and your four-legged friend.

Your yard may not even need service on a regular schedule, but you want an extra pair of eyes leading up to a special event. Suppose you’re having an outdoor party and want to ensure no unpleasant accidents. In that case, we can offer a professional set of eyes to ensure your property is ready for guests.

How can a pet butler help a commercial property?

For HOAs and rental property managers, dog messes are a constant headache. Even with the threat of fines, some dog owners won’t pick up after their best friend when they’re out walking––whether deliberately or accidentally.

Scheduling Dog Butler for your commercial property ensures your landscape always looks its best. Get professional detailing for the common areas of your neighborhood, complex, or co-op from a pet butler.

Why should you hire a dog butler?

When you hire a pet butler, you have total peace of mind that your yard or commercial property always looks its best. They’ll not only make sure all the poop is scooped in your yard, but they’ll also let you know if anything looks amiss that might indicate a problem with your dog’s health.

Dog Butler removes waste from the property so our clients can focus on all the best parts of owning a dog and ignore the most unpleasant ones.

Dog Butler is the “pooper scooper” that Fairfield and Armonk Counties use for clean yards and commercial properties.

Dog Butler sets the standard for pet butler services in Connecticut and New York. We provide exceptional attention to detail when cleaning up messes in yards and commercial properties. Since 2002, we’ve provided dog owners with yard clean-up services from dedicated, trained, and insured employees. We’re always striving to build long-standing relationships with our clients, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of dependability, thoroughness, and professionalism.

If you’re too busy to keep up with the messes in your yard, then get a preliminary quote for professional cleaning services from our pet butler.