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Tips from a dog poop yard cleaning service to keep your yard in great shape
May 4, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Tips from a dog poop yard cleaning service to keep your yard in great shape

A dog can do severe damage to your yard. Between digging, playing, and pooping, your grass doesn’t stand much of a chance. But, we love our furry family members so we’re willing to put up with it. As your dog poop yard cleaning service, we at Dog Butler believe that you can still keep your yard in great shape even with a dog living in it.

Water regularly

This seems like it would go without saying, but your grass needs water. By giving your grass the proper amount of water each week, you’re ensuring that it’s not only soaking up the necessary nutrients to grow lush and green, but it will be strong and stand up to the punishment that your dog will put it through with running and playing. Plants get their strength as water fills the inside of their cells, which gives them the ability to stand tall.

Get rid of weeds

Make sure that your grass is getting the best shot at the available moisture and nutrients in the soil by eliminating the competition. Weeds that invade your lawn are trying to compete with your grass for nutrients. Unfortunately, weeds are often stronger than grass and will win out. Pull weeds any chance you have to eliminate these invasive species from your yard.

Prune trees

Trees are an excellent addition to any yard. Shade trees provide a mini oasis for you and your dog during the summer as well as creating a beautiful aesthetic. However, unpruned trees can grow out of control and rob your grass of moisture and nutrients the same as weeds will. The more branches on your trees grow out of control, the more water and nutrients it will require to stay alive. Pruning your trees is not only a good way to keep them healthy, but it helps to ration resources in your yard.

Don’t forget to properly mow

A well-kept yard is a beautiful thing. You might go through all the effort to ensure that your grass is getting properly watered and nourished, but it’s all for naught if you fail to mow it. This not only provides a uniform look to your yard, but it keeps the grass healthy. Tall grass creates an ideal setting for weeds to take root then invade your yard. While you might feel like you’re saving time by cutting your grass extra short, this isn’t good for it. Your grass needs a certain amount of length to keep the seeds and soil from scorching in the sun. Mowing once a week is ideal.

Clean up dog poop

A common misconception among dog owners is that dog poop is good for your yard. This comes from the idea that your dog is providing a natural fertilizer to help the grass grow. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite. Dog poop is very acidic because of the natural digestive process of their gut. Rather than feeding grass and returning nutrients, this will kill grass if it sits for too long. Furthermore, dog poop doesn’t break down and will continue to lie menacingly in your yard waiting to be stepped on by those who are unsuspecting.

Call Dog Butler

Maintaining a good lawn is a lot of work. Make it easier on yourself and eliminate something off your to-do list by calling Dog Butler. We’re your dog poop yard cleaning service that isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. Reach out to us by calling 203-610-5737 or send us a message to get started. We’re your top choice for a pooper scooper in the Greenwich, CT area.