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3 Ways a Dog Poop Service Can Improve Your Backyard
June 2, 2022 at 1:00 AM
Image of a backyard that looks nice because of dog poop service.

It’s tough to keep up with all the responsibilities of owning a dog. Walks, training, playing, trips to the dog park, and picking up messes in the yard can consume hours of your free time every week. No matter how much someone loves their dog, the responsibility of giving them the life they deserve means sacrificing time spent on other interests and hobbies. When you hire a dog poop service to clean up the yard, it not only frees up your time but also improves your backyard.

Eliminate pests and rodents in your backyard.

It’s gross, but it’s true: dog waste attracts bugs, parasites, and rodents to your backyard. When you leave messes sitting in your backyard for an entire week or two, bugs have time to move in and lay eggs. Once rodents know there’s a food source in your backyard, they may burrow under your yard. Then, they’ll start to breed and eventually form colonies that create structural damage to your yard.

When you have a regular dog poop service for your yard, messes never stay present for long. Dog Butler goes the extra mile to remove waste from the property and dispose of it off-site. Dog waste never stays in the yard long enough to attract pests and rodents, so your yard stays pristine and smells great.

Kids and guests are safe from stepping in messes.

Nothing ruins a day faster than getting dog poop on your shoe. Especially when you have kids playing in the yard, stepping in dog poop can completely derail a playdate. If you have guests over for a special event, you don’t want someone to step in a mess that you missed in the hustle of getting ready for an event.

With a regular dog poop service, the technician knows every inch of your yard and has years of professional experience in making sure they don’t miss a single mess during an appointment. Dog Butler takes pride in exceptional attention to detail in everything we do.

You never have to worry about one of your kids or guests having a bad experience because you didn’t have time to clean up the yard. A dog poop service makes sure your backyard reflects you.

Safeguard your grass and groundwater against disease.

There are dangerous bacteria and parasites in dog poop that can damage your grass when left sitting in the yard for too long. When it rains or there’s snowmelt, the contaminants in the dog poop can seep into the soil of your yard, eventually making their way into the groundwater and affecting public health.

If your landscaping isn’t thriving the way you expect, it may be because of chemicals seeping from dog poop into the ground. You can protect your yard and help your grass and flowers grow by regularly cleaning dog waste from your property.

Call Dog Butler to schedule dog poop services in Connecticut and New York for your backyard.

Since 2009, Dog Butler has provided thorough dog poop scooping services for Fairfield and Armonk County clients. Our top priority is to keep our clients’ yards looking great year-round. Whether clients need weekly, biweekly, or a one-time visit before a special event, we provide the same sterling quality of service.

Over a decade of experience in the pooper scooper business means we bring thoroughness to every yard, at every appointment. We understand most dog owners don’t have the time to keep their yard clean, so we’re here to make sure your landscape looks great, no matter how hectic your life becomes.

Call Dog Butler to schedule a dog poop service for your yard.