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5 Questions to Ask Your Dog Poop Pick Up Service Before Hiring an Expert
January 4, 2021 at 10:30 PM
A dog poop pick up service can keep your yard looking great, but be sure to ask the right questions first.

It’s not that it’s hard to scoop the dog poop in your yard; it’s just that it’s impossible to find the time for another chore in your already packed schedule. But it’s a hassle when you have to wait while someone scoops the yard every time you want to enjoy the outdoors or else spend the afternoon dodging messes in the grass.

That’s where a residential dog poop pick up service can help. Pooper scooper experts keep your yard looking great, with no stress. Before you hire just anyone to come into your yard, there are five essential questions you should ask first.

#1. How big is your pooper scooper team?

Like any business, the size of the company affects the experience you’ll have as a client. With a larger company, it’s more likely they’ll be able to accommodate last-minute schedule changes and increased frequency. However, you may have to deal with new and inexperienced scoopers more often.

Smaller companies can provide more personalized service, with regular scoopers who get to know your yard, dog, and preferences. At Dog Butler LLC, we have a passionate team of detail-oriented scoopers, all trained by our founders.

#2. How long has your company been in business?

While the job may seem straightforward, like anything else, more time on the job means more experience. New companies may not have established policies in place for holidays. Their service area may be unpredictable, and daily operations may not be as reliable as older companies.

Dog Butler LLC has been Connecticut’s trusted pooper scooper service for over a decade, growing from just 15 yards during our first year.

#3. What does your company do with the waste?

If only it were as easy as out of sight, out of mind for your dog’s yard waste. However, strict city and county ordinances dictate the where and how of dog waste disposal. Dog Butler LLC follows local laws, ensuring the safe and discreet disposal of dog waste from your residential or commercial property.

#4. How long does it take to set up the service?

Be wary of any company with set prices that can set up service without first seeing your property. They may rush the job to keep to a pre-established schedule, regardless of the size of your yard or frequency of visit.

At Dog Butler LLC, we provide a free quote after seeing your property and customize our service to your needs.

#5. What happens during the holidays and inclement weather?

Any dog poop pick up service should have well-established policies for rain or snow days and during the holiday season. If they’re unable to provide clear, established procedures, you can expect that your service will suffer.

Dog Butler LLC sends a letter to every new customer following our first day of service. It addresses potential issues on the property (locked gates, dangerous terrain, etc.) and our long-standing policies for the holidays and during inclement weather.

For the most reliable dog poop pick up service in Connecticut, get in touch with Dog Butler, and get a clean yard today.

Dog Butler LLC can accommodate you from one-time visits for special events to weekly cleanings to keep your yard looking fantastic. We provide a reliable, friendly service to “doo” the dirty work and keep your yard fresh. Our thorough clean-up experts use their unparalleled attention to detail to keep client yards looking pristine week after week.

Our pooper scooper service area stretches from Connecticut to Armonk, NY, with visits ranging from twice a week to monthly or one-time. The Dog Butler LLC team is the reliable poop-scoopin experts; call or fill out our online form for a free quote today.